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Marketer Startup Is Live

So, we are finally alive and kicking!

Please feel very welcome to this place here on Internet.

My name is Stefan Sandin and I have today launched this blog and also the whole brand Marketer Startup.

The aim with Marketer Startup is to give best help possible to you as a new marketer to build a profitable online business.

I will post articles that will guide you through the different steps you have to take but also to warn you about traps you should avoid.

Among the articles I will also talk about products that I recommend that will help you to grow and also warn you about the BSO (Bright Shiny Objects)

Traffic, product creation, conversion,landing pages, ads, memberships, squeeze pages, analyzes, strategies, blogging, affiliate, webinar, social media and much more will be diskussed here at Marketer Startup.

My aim is also to invite you to discuss. Ask questions and also share your own experiences. We will all learn more from that.

I urge you to sign up to my newsletter so I can notify you whenever I have something new to share. This will benefit you during your journey to be a successful marketer online.

Post a comment below and let me know what you think about Marketer Startup so far. What do you want me to write about in the coming articles?

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So once again, thank you for landing here on my page. Come back and let me help you to grow, and be active with commenting. The more you ask, the more I will be able to give answers and guidance in your journey to be a successful marketer.


See you soon

Stefan Sandin
Founder of

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