How To Boost a FB Post

How To Boost a FB Post

I don’t know how much you know about how to boost a post on your FB page, so I will show you the basics in this article.

And it is actually very easy, and if used in the right way, very efficient. You can use the “Boost Post” strategy for several reasons. Increase likes on your post, send traffic to your blog and collect likes and comments there. Or you can monetise the traffic, either on your own site or for an affiliate offer. And I’m sure you can find even more ways to use the “Boost Post” strategy.


The first this you should do is to have a great post that your readers will react to in a positive way.

Second, make sure your post leads to a page where you can collect a lead, a page that leads to a sale or a page that leads to an affiliate offer. If you have that setup, you are good to go.

When all that’s done, you will have something similar to this:

Notice the red arrow down at the right. This is the place you need to klick. Before you do that, your post will still be there as a regular post
and people that visit your page can read and follow through, pending on what you want them to do.


After you click the button, you will end up watching this view:



Here you have to ways to choose from. Either you choose one existing audience. Or you choose "Create new audience". I will not go through how to create and use an existing audience in this article. This is something I will come back to in a later article. For the moment, let's use the "Create new audience" method.

Below you can see the page that will show up when you click on "Create new audience"


Now you need to do 5 steps to make this work.

Step #1

Name your Boosted Post. No need to do anything fancy or complicated. Just give it a name that relates to the post.

Step #2

To make this right, you need to have a knowledge of your audience. You need to have done some investigations on how your preferred audience looks like. This is not just for this "Boost a FB Post" event. This is something very important you need to do overall. If you don't know your audience, how will you be able to talk to them? It won't work well out in the long run. I talk a little about that in 3 Tips for the Online Marketing Startup. So I hope you have some knowledge about your specific audience now so you can choose between Men, Women or All.

Step #3

This also come back to what I said under step #2. Pick the age span that fit your audience.

Step #4

Next step is to choose location. In this example, I have added United States. Type in the areas you want to connect to and that relates to your audience. If you are boosting a post aimed for lokal market, make sure to be as exact as possible.

Step #5

Here you add interest. In my example I have added Frank Kern. A very known marketer. And I know that the ad I'm boosting relates to an audience that also like Frank Kern.

So with this narrowing of the big FB audience, I have now a more targeted audience that can relate to the post I'm Boosting.


When you are happy with your choices you just click save.

When you have done that, the next step looks like the image below:

This is another step you can go wrong if you don't look out. As you can see, I have added total budget $35. If you do that, and don't klick on 7 days, FB will use all $35 within 24 hours. This is not something I recommend. Set the budget for approx $5 per day. The reason for that is to make the FB algorithm to find the best way to get in front of the right audience. This won't work if you add to high budget the first 24-48 hours. After a day or two, look at the stats. If they look good, then raise the daily budget with up to $5 per day in steps. If you don't see any good stats for the post after 24-48 hours, then stop the boost. The reason for bad stats can be many. Examples are that you have chosen the wrong audience or the post is not good enough. If you think the post is good, try and tweak the audience a bit and try again for 24-48 hours.

I hope you will get good results when you Boost your FB posts now. Please write in the comments below and tell me, or if you have any questions.






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