Ladder Of Trust

Building Your List

The ins and outs of building a list

I’m sure you have read that the money is in the list all around inside the online community. And I’m about to say the same, but with some crucial add ons.

Just because You have a list, it doesn’t mean you have a gold mine to tap money from. You do need to take care of all the people you have added. If you do that, you will be rewarded. Just go to yourself and think about how you act. I don’t know ho many lists you are on, but do you buy everything all these people promote? Does it matter who it is that promote product or services to you? I’m sure it does.

My aim here is to explain the ladder of trust and how that will reward you if you follow the principles that I describe. There might be several ways of manage the ladder of trust, and I can’t say what suits you the best. The thing I can say is that you need to take this to consideration and lay out the best way for you and your business.

Your Target Audience

What I mean with this is that you have done your homework and know how your target audience look like. Gender, age, interests and so on. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry. I will post an article later on how to zoom in to your target audience.

When it comes to the new audience that you have just added to your list, they probably don’t know anything at all about you.

This is perhaps the first time you have been in front of them. And to hope that they will buy from you directly after signing up is perhaps to hope to much. Why should they trust you. It's like you should approach a stranger in your city and ask if he or she will give you their money upfront, just because you say that you know something that will change their life. Do you think that will work?

No, you have to work with the list. Show them that you know things, teach them and give value. A lot of value. Make sure they get to know you and what you can bring to their life for their advantage. If you continue to do that, they will start to get to know you.

Audience That Knows You

If you manage to work in the way I describe above, several, but not all, will get a feeling that they know you. They know what you can bring to the table and that it will be for their benefit.

A certain percent will start to feel that you are genuine. That you actually differ from the most and that you will help them to solve their problems. And when they start to feel like that, they will be even more interested to buy your products or the offer you promote.


Known by Audience

You need to keep providing the list with value and content they need and will learn from. Don't be afraid that they will "steal" your knowledge for free and not buy anything from you. It works all the way around. Treat them well and your list will reward you.

Audience That Trust You

During the journey, the people on your list will travel even further up and eventually they will get the feeling that they trust you. They know that you are true in what you say. If you create a product, they know they will learn from it and that they don't have to have second thoughts about that. You can now present your high ticket product or services and several from your well treated list will buy.


Trusted By Ausience

And when I say high ticket, I'm taking about $397, $597, $997 or higher. This is the reward for all the shared knowledge and provided high quality content you have shared. The people on this level trust you and they have no reason not to. They speak well about you on forums and other places, making new people avaere of you. So your list will grow by it's own to a certain degree. The only thing you need to do is to continue with what you have been doing so far.

Raving Fans

You can actually get people even higher. They can be what we call "Raving Fans" They will go all over board for you. It's not a high percent from your target audience that will go all this way, but the few that does, treat them very very well. They are gold worth for you.


Raving Fans

The Ladder of Trust

Below I have merged the images you see above to visualise the ladder of trust. You can see that the amount of people at the bottom is much higher than the raving fans numbers. But the more you work with your list, the more people you will move from the bottom and upwards. Keep doing that and you will be able to say "The money is in MY List"


Ladder Of Trust


I really hope you have get the idea on how to cultivate your list so it will be profitable for you in every way. I also want to recommend to watch the recorded webinar that you see in the image below. Its free to watch and you will get a lot of information on how to build a strong list in a pretty short time. Just click on the image and watch it right now. It's worth the time it takes and as I said, for no cost.





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