Blueprint for startups


All businesses need a plan. A plan that will help you to reach where you want to be further on in your business carrier.

I’d like to put some similarities between building my business and what I have been doing the last few months in my “private” life. We have a house and my wife told me last year that she wanted to have a porch outside. With glass doors and windows all around. Some kind of conservatory in other words.

I have never built something like that prior in my life, but she wanted me to do that. So what do you do? Say no? Well, don’t think that’s an option. 🙂

I did what you, me and every one else needs to do when planning and building a business. I started to draw on a plan, a blueprint. I knew the endpoint and I new where I was. But I didn’t know how to get from where I was to where I where supposed to be when it was all finished.

Business plan

The journey wit planning and drawing the blueprint for my construction have many similarities with the one journey I have done with my business. I have sat down and figured out what I’d like to achieve and for what reasons. If that’s something you don’t do properly, you will find unnecessary obstacles during your business development. I’m not saying that you need to find the exact endpoints because they will change during time, but without them, you really don’t know what to do and when.

This was also the case with the construction I built this summer. We have changed several things during the process, but we always knew why and what we where aiming for.

My message to you is to take a moment and figure out what you want to achieve, and why. Everyone have different reasons, and your’s will differ from mine. But that’s what’s great about being a entrepreneur. You decide and nobody else. But make sure to do that today. Take a peace of paper and draw your thoughts. Put the paper near your laptop or wherever you work so you see it every day. It works as a reminder and it also motivates you to continue to strive for your goal.

Please comment below how you do. Share your experience building your business plan. Or if you have difficulties doing that. I will be happy to share my view on that also.



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