Best Type of Traffic To Start Your Business

When you first start to build an online business you might lack the knowledge on how to make your business fly. How will you be able to sell your service or product, and to who?

Well, thats something each and everyone faces in their early phase as a marketer. In this post I will talk some about that and how you can make that as your advantage instead of being your toughest task.

Usually when a marketer startup his or her business, money is limited. If that’s the case, you need to make the journey step by step, and that goes for traffic as well. And traffic is one essential key factor that you need to make your business profitable.

Try to see your online business like a shop placed in a block in your city. It’s there, filled with products that you know people need and want. But nobody enter the door. Why is that?

Well, do you have a sign on your door that you are open? Can anybody find the way to your shop? Look at your online business like that shop. What you need is to divert traffic and welcome them in through your door. It’s more or less the same thing, online and offline when it comes to get people in through the door or to see your web page.

So, how do you make traffic visit your page then? Well, you can either use so called “free” traffic or “paid” traffic. And of course you can use a mix. Coming back to what I said earlier, most startup marketers don’t have a big stack of money so paid traffic might not be the first choice. And that’s totally understandably.

Then “free” traffic would be the preferred type to start with. The reason I put “free” within brackets is because it’s not really free. Yes, you don’t have to pay money for it, but you pay with your time. And you shouldn’t value your time as free.

However, when you don’t have the money in the beginning, you should work with your time to get the traffic to flow and find your site. There are several ways to get free traffic. Some examples: blogging, commenting on other blogs, commenting in forums, SEO and more.

When you have that going on and some of the traffic converts, you will have money coming in to your account. Now it’s time to reinvest that money in to your business and start buying some traffic. You should continue to use the “free” traffic techniques you now know so the traffic flow continues and also grow more by the time.

As I said, invest in paid traffic sources so you can speed up the flow. Paid traffic also comes in various versions. Some examples here are: PPC, Solo Ads, FB Ads, YouTube and many more. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Important though is that the traffic is targeted so it converts for you.

And to find targeted traffic is one addition to what I have talked about here. Not all traffic is good actually. I have compiled a collection of 9 Sources of High Converting Traffic that you will get for free. It’s a free cheat sheet that will give you 9 of the best quality traffic strategies online.

So head over and grab the cheat sheet and start to drive targeted traffic to your site.

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