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3 Tips for the Online Marketing Startup

So, you’re trying to establish a blog, a webcomic, a store, or any of the remaining billion businesses you can setup online. As most who’ve tried to start their own business know, marketing is essential in driving customers to your virtual doorstep. So, how does one market online exactly? We’ve all seen the numerous ways online, but surely there’s more to it than placing ads all over the place. How does web marketing work?

I’ve put together 3 special tips to get you started marketing your stuff online. I hope you find this article enlightening. If it does its job, then you’ll have a better idea on how to market your site / product.

Tip #1: Be Laser Focused on Your Customers

At any point, you literally have hundreds of options for running marketing campaigns. Yes. Hundreds. Step #1 of successful online marketing is an understanding of your company’s exact needs and goals. You need relentless self-discipline.

Every marketing strategy should start with your customer base. Who are the people using your product? What do these individuals value, what do they feel, what products are they currently using and what will it take to sign them on as paying customers? If you have existing customers, start by having a conversation with them.

Marketing is about human relationships and can happen through any medium. What you’ll find out will most likely will be that they don’t remember where they heard about your product, but what it did for them or their business. This will help inform your marketing strategy.

Tip #2: Build Your Marketing Framework

Now, you need to build a scalable, sustainable marketing engine. Think about it:

  • You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint.
  • You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan.
  • You wouldn’t take a road trip without your navigation system.
  • You wouldn’t build an online app without wire-framing the UX.
  • And you wouldn’t spend six figures on a house without knowing what you’re buying.

Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be any different.

Whether you’re spending $100 on facebook ads or $100k on customer education videos you need a carefully planned strategy. Every marketing plan needs to start with the results you want to achieve. ROI (return on investment) is not a guessing game.

Tip #3: Drive Traffic to your Site

You can have the best online storefront known to man, but if you do not have the proper marketing strategy, it will be of no use. In order to bring customers to you, you have to get your product out there. If you run a blog, you can syndicate your content, or if you have some money you can go with paid advertising. Whatever route you choose, make sure you target the audience you identified in Tip #1, and that your choice fits the strategy you started developing in Tip #2.

That’s it for this article. Be sure to keep an eye out for more articles in the near future!

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