Monthly Archives: April 2016

marketing strategy

Why You Need a Marketing Strategy

When you start your business, you may wonder how important a marketing strategy even is for your business. The answer is short and simple: it is absolutely important to your business. Without a marketing strategy, your business will fail. You need to have a plan about who you are marketing to so that you can…

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Business Foundation

Lay Your Business Foundation

If you are going to build a house, I’m sure you are aware of the importance of a solid ground to put it on. Same goes for a road where heavy traffic will run. And I have to tell you that building a business is nothing different. You need to have a solid foundation if…

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Marketer Startup

Marketer Startup Is Live

So, we are finally alive and kicking! Please feel very welcome to this place here on Internet. My name is Stefan Sandin and I have today launched this blog and also the whole brand Marketer Startup. The aim with Marketer Startup is to give best help possible to you as a new marketer to build a…

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